NEW MILESTONE GOAL: Let's create another sexy, world-spanning pin-up!
Howdy y'all!

So, it looks like the Deacon-Kyle Painting was a huge hit

Comments have included "Oh my! The pin up is everything I wanted and more. Talk about being hot in both senses of the word.", "Alex, that is one of the most beautiful pieces of art to come out of your work to date! Amazing!" and "Oh, ohhhhhh myyyyyyy! Now that is one HOT piece of artwork, and so gorgeously rendered. An absolutely lovely reward!"

So let's do it again! I've just added a new Milestone Goal reward -- if we hit $8500/month in Patreon funding (less than $250 away), I'll commission a new digital wallpaper and you'll get to vote on who's in it (pick characters from any of my comics!) and whether it's naughty or nice! Choose your adventure... AGAIN! :)

I'll use the same voting process as last time with one change: if either Kyle or Deacon gets chosen for the first round of voting than I'll remove one or the other from the second round of voting so this will be a different pairing. Seeing Kyle with Deacon was an awesome amount of fun -- but variety is the spice of life! Who else from my characters would you like to see together?

That's the new $8500/month Milestone Goal. And then someone in the comments suggested, "And maybe next time, JEFF could join them!! ;)" which got me thinking: why stop with just 2 characters?

So, I've added an additional Milestone Goal. If we hit $9000/month here on Patreon, I'll commission a new digital wallpaper, you'll get to vote on who's in it (pick characters from any of my comics!), you'll get to decide how sexy you want it to be, and this time you'll get to pick any THREE of my characters. 

Crazy, huh? Who knows if we'll ever get to that level of support, but if we can, it'd make a huge difference in my life, and I'll want the reward for y'all to be extra special. :)

Anyway, please let me know what you think. I've got another couple cool ideas for rewards cooking in the oven that I'm looking forward to sharing with you soon, so stay tuned there. And, of course, I'll keep sending out the behind-the-scenes pencils/thumbs/script pages, Sneak Previews and Digital Kickstarter Rewards for y'all each week. :)

Thank you so much for your amazing support! Y'all are superheroes!


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