New Milestones Hit!
Well that was fast. Excuse us while we check for Patron-induced whiplash. 

What is there to say? We are surprised time and time again by the ITN community and this time is no different. We now get to have two of our most requested guest-hosts on monthly and we get to cut them a check for stopping by.

We are both very excited about the spread of content Jeff and Dunk will bring to the show. We have heard from so many of you that Jeff has served as the voice of the people in leagues that many corners of the community ignore. While DunkTrain brings the top-end level of analysis, yet still can translate it into constructive ways to improve one's play.

We're very excited to have both of these gentlemen on ITN regularly. Thank you everyone for continuing to support Into the Nexus for however much you have pledged. Every little bit counts and this time it has all added up to two great talents lending their experience to the cast.