New Minute With A Mermaid is up!
Hey guys! The new Minute With A Mermaid Q&A is up! Check it out here: -it's live now so feel free to like/comment/share if you want to! I hope it makes you smile today! XD It's so fun to be silly...Helvetica is just ridiculous. Lol. 

Don't worry if your question didn't make it in- we had so many good ones this time that we are making a second video! So stay tuned for the combined blooper reel + bonus Q's coming out later this month, possibly early May just depending on how quick we can get it edited and up! (-; (Thanks so much to everyone that sent in questions for this a while back- it was so much fun to come up with silly answers and film!) 

I'm also working on the new segments I am creating for Hipster Mermaid, so stay tuned for that-I'm super excited to come back with some fresh ideas! (-; 

Hope you're all having an awesome Wednesday! xoxo!

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