New Monthly Reward to Top 3 Supporters

Greetings, everyone!

On January 21st during Gensokyo Radio's Live #52, Zach, an experienced artist who is close friends with DMJ and has worked with Nickelodeon and DC Comics, has made a generous offer for the top 3 contributors on LSM's campaign!

Here's the deal: At the top of each month until January 2018, the top three people on the campaign at the beginning of each month get a full single character sketch, fully inked, in 4K resolution.  Zach may also record the sketch as it's being done to be later presented in a time-lapse format.

The character in the sketch is up to the qualifying patron, and Zach will work out any needed details.  The qualifying patrons are determined on the 1st of each month when the billing cycle takes place.

To reiterate, this is for one fully inked character sketch per month to the top three supporters of LSM on Patreon.  Zach is doing this completely pro bono to help jumpstart our campaign further.  He's awesome for doing this, and we can't thank him enough!

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