New Moon, December 2015, Preliminary
Due to the loss of my glasses, I'm experimenting a bit with larger paper and a larger pen, working on getting my backlog of unfinished drawings inked and ready for colour.  This had originally been intended to have a "Heart of Persephone" theme, but thinking about a T-square aspect coming up with this December's New Moon apparently influenced the outcome a bit, and I suspect will continue to as I add the colour over the next couple of days.  

This week Mars in Libra opposes Uranus in Aries (the sign that Mars rules), tapping into the waxing square between Uranus and Pluto while still carrying forward some of the intensity of last week's Mars/Pluto square.  That means a lot of electricity, action, and power for transformation in a potentially agitating and disruptive configuration with the potential to affect profound changes on the axis between individual identity and social harmony.  This can result in testing and disruption in a lot of our relationships.  Keep in mind that this can be cleansing, but as with all square-based configuration, that cleansing doesn't come easily or sweetly.  

This comes against the backdrop of the ongoing Saturn/Neptune square, that challenges us to find the synthesis of the real and the ideal, and create foundations for enacting our most worthy dreams in the real world.  Not a quick or easy process, but a necessary one.

We'll see how the colour process goes with this one.  I'm still not certain what I'll be doing with the background, but I suspect it's going to be a bit on the Neptunian side, in contrast to the (hopefully) more realistic/Saturnine approach in the foreground.