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New Music Video: "Within Silence" and Announcement!
Hello Dear Friends!

I had all 4 wisdom teeth pulled out 2 days ago so I'm feeling a bit wonky (haha) but am very excited to share this new music video!   "Within Silence" is the fifth track on my album called "Inner Passion" with 11-time Grammy Nominated Pianist, Peter Kater.    The CD debuted at #4 on the New Age Billboard Chart earlier this year and was also just submitted for the 59th Grammy Award for Best New Age Album!  

We recorded and filmed this full album live, totally unrehearsed, and improvised in one afternoon.  Peter and I connected over Facebook, and had never played together previously as we thought it would be the purest improvisation to have no preconceptions attached to the music. We met for lunch once to discuss the plan,  (I ate a delicious Tuna Melt, and Peter had a Salad haha) and the second time we got together was this recording day at The Bridge Recording Studio in Los Angeles!

If you like this video, please share with your friends/family.  As always, I'm so grateful for your support, thank you so so so much. 

And now for the announcement about my next Music Video:  I can't wait to be doing my... very first 360 Video!  We were supposed to shoot this coming Tuesday but due to my emergency Wisdom Tooth Surgery it was moved to the first week of September to give me time to de-Chipmunkify. Hehe.  

Hugs and have a wonderful Friday and Weekend everyone!