New Mystery Project Pt. 1
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One of the things I'd like to do here on Patreon is to chronicle the work I'll be doing on a new project. As some of you know (and as all of you know from yesterday's post), I've been drawing Jawas lately. I started drawing them in October of last year and they quickly became the most liked images in my Instagram feed. For some reason people just took to the little buggers. As I neared the end of production of Oddly Normal Book 3 I hit on the idea of doing a Jawa fan comic during the hiatus between Book 3 and 4.

But a conversation with comic creators Skottie Young and Jason Howard convinced me to ditch the fan comic idea and channel my energy into making something I could call my own. They argued that I should take what I like about drawing Jawas and use it to inspire something new, you know... what George Lucas did when he took various inspirations and threw them into the stew he called "Star Wars."

So that's exactly what I did.

Even though I had already written, roughed out and finished a few pages of the Jawa comic (more on that in a future post, I’ll share what was done on the Jawa comic with you soon), I decided to take this fork in the road and hit the gas on something new.

I decided to tackle the project from the artist's point of view, rather than from the writer's perspective the way I normally work. I'm usually a story first kind of creator, which can be a disadvantage sometimes. Other (smarter) comic creators who both write and draw their own books shape a story around why they like to draw. This helps them stay energized during the drawing phase and never get bored. Me? I’m stupid. I go for story above all else and make the artist in me suffer.

But not this time. This time I’m trying to start with things I enjoy drawing and work from there. It’s been more of a challenge that I expected. But it has already yielded great results and helped to shape the story.

Anyway, I’m not quite ready to announce this project or even share a title yet. But I thought you’d enjoy seeing a project be developed from beginning to end, from initial idea to finished comic. So that’s what I plan to do here on my Patreon page! My Patrons will be the first to see work-in-progress, behind-the-scenes video and finished pages.

I’ll be honest… I’m not sure if this project will go the distance. I’m still working out ideas and trying to shape the story. It truly is the very beginning and I’ve had projects fall apart at this phase or later. I’m even considering approaching another writer about the possibility of collaborating on the story. I may or may not do that, I’m not sure yet. Like I said… I’m still working things out and every project is its own thing. But I think that’s part of what will make this interesting to watch here on Patreon. I don’t know what’s going to happen. And that makes it a fun high-wire act to undertake in a public way.

At the top of this post you will find the first character I drew for the project and below you will find more development work that I’ve produced of the last few weeks.

I hope you enjoy it!