new new twitch schedule + dev + loot crate unboxing - daily schedule
Okay so next week I'm going to start streaming from Wednesday-Sunday. Taking Monday and Tuesday off to do dev. I should have done this awhile ago. Every Wednesday I wake up going yeah lets stream! Oh.. no.. lets dev! So I'm finally going to change it because really every Tuesday I just want to work on dev.

But for tonight I'll be working on the dev. All the dev. I have it scheduled for four hours of dev so that should give a good amount of time to get some good progress done.

Tonight I'll also be posting the loot crate video from the loot crate I got yesterday. Spoiler alert: It really wasn't that mysterious. I made a big deal out of nothing...

I've also decided to just start drinking coffee like every night. I've been way too sleepy and this morning I remembered how good I felt after staying up later with coffee and actually being able to sleep. I've been so unrestful for a couple days now and it's been wearing me out. I think if I stay up later than I 9pm (because I just fall asleep right after dinner) I will be able to pass out and not wake up at all hours of the night.

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