New one-shot: Conventional Errors (January freebie.)
(ETA:  For those coming in late, the story was revoked for not being sufficiently pony.  I've redirected the link to the new blog post where I pasted the story's content, and so that's why you're looking at Hank's studious expression:  the most recent image for Patreon's code to latch onto.)

This is the anti-Displaced (or at least, anti-Merchant -- the CDA is more towards anti-Displaced) story idea I mentioned in a recent blog post.  There's an argument to be made that it's cruel and mean-spirited, nasty and vicious with no redeeming qualities whatsoever, and to that, I say:

1.  No kidding.

2.  Have you seen some of the outfits characters try to get Displaced in?

Because this is basically 3200 words of nyah-nyah without a plot or pony in sight, there's no way I'm going to claim a post charge for it.  Instead, I think I'll just sit back and let the downvotes fall where they may.  On me.

In this case, I think downvotes may substitute nicely for applause.  Because if this comes across as offensive to a few, then it just might mean I did it right...