New oracle deck coming soon
I'm very excited to share that I am working on a new oracle deck dedicated to winged creatures of all creations.  

Why winged creatures?  

Well, I'm an air sign and I have a particular affinity for anything with wings, although admittedly, I am afraid to fly.  

How will this come about?  

I will be utilizing new and a few existing paintings to compile a deck of cards based in the tradition of Tarot, but with a twist.  

With the help of Brigid Ashwood's unique design (the Ashwood Tarot/Oracle Card System), I will be compiling 30 cards, which encompass the 22 Major Arcana cards seen in tarot, five elemental cards and 3 wild cards.  Instead of the traditional Arcana title, the cards will have the meaning instead.  For example, the High Priestess card will now say wisdom. The pip cards are represented by a special 14 sided die. To further enhance the interpretation of the cards the reader flips a polarity coin.  

This will be quite an endeavor on my part, but I am confident that it will be completed by Spring of 2016 at latest (barring anything unforeseen).  

The working title for the deck is the Winged Wisdom Oracle.  Above is one of the images.