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New original song, on Jane Austen's Persuasion: "We Love Longest"
Persuasion is Jane Austen's last finished novel, and it's my favorite. For those of you who haven't read it twice and watched the two most recent adaptations (both excellent) countless times like I have, it's about Ann Elliott, whose high society friends and family persuaded her at 19 to reject the courtship of Frederick Wentworth, a young sailor with no fortune. He's returned after 8 years. At 27 everyone feels she has lost her bloom. Though she had other suitors over the years, she never forgot Captain Wentworth. Later in the book, she's talking with a sailor friend of Wentworth's, who insists that (supported by poems and novels written by men) women are inconstant compared to men. Anne argues that, if nothing else, women love longest after all hope is gone, partly because a gentlewoman's lifestyle at the time was necessarily sedentary and unvarying. A ton of other interesting stuff happens too, and since it's Jane Austen you're guaranteed a happy ending.


We Love Longest

My family and friends couldn’t believe I loved a sailor

Under their sway I suppose I couldn’t either

Now eight years have passed and never once did I forget you

Nor all the love you would have given had I let you

You’ve returned and you must have seen

How regret has weighed heavy upon me

We love longest after all hope is gone

I’m still longing, loving you all along

Men can replace the loves they’ve left with constant action

A baronet’s daughter would not dare pursue a profession

Each day for you felt like a year to me

Safe at home while won your fortune at sea

Oh I’d rather be overturned by you

Than driven to safety by someone else

One look, one word may be enough

But I want to drown you in all my love