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New original song: War Stories
[Edit May 3: making this public -- share away!]

A few things coalesced to  inspired this song. One was, I was having lunch in a cafe with my baby  and a woman wanted to talk to me and my partner about how babies  remember the angels. I understood what she meant, and I think about it a  lot -- this consciousness, which is just now becoming aware of the  world we're in, came from nothing, and if one did believe in other  worlds before birth or after death, babies are close to that. Giving  birth is like taking a life in its impact on the timeline, in a way.  

Then there were these tweets:   



So I was thinking about nurturing and birth vs war and death, and this song is the result. 


Bringer of death of destruction of vengeance
Mother of nothing but war
Liars will tell you it’s to end the violence
Somehow they always make more

You have a thousand ways to tell war stories
Yet say all births are the same
This is your only way to speak to angels:
A trophy kill in your name

Bombs for peace
Work to be free

Your bomb is no one’s mother
A thousand war stories
Will never give mass murder
One word of birth’s glory  

You’re seeking other worlds
Because you’ve consumed yours
Why should you tend to growing things  
When you could just conquer?

We’ll fight for peace till we’re bloody and bruised and
Still find time to build a world
Push back against how we’re taught to be used and
Never forget who we were

So we’ll fight for peace
And keep on loving
Never for one second buy
The lies you are selling

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