new painting: "Joker's Wild"
After 27 days, "Joker's Wild" is completed~

The difficulty in painting this one was placing all these characters at a crowded poker table and make each character easy to see, and also making sure all the likenesses are close enough so each character is recognizable.

"Joker's Wild" hopefully gets the audience to form a story in their mind. The story I thought up was Heath Ledger's Joker mailed Batman an invitation to this deadly poker game in hopes of ambushing him with the other jokers, and it's the smallest of Jokers who proves to be the deadliest.

Inevitably someone will say "why did you use that joker and not this one?" But there are probably at least 15 memorable jokers left off. The table has only so many players it can fit at one time unfortunately

"Joker's Wild" debuts at Long Beach Comic Con in September!

I have some news I wanted to share. Part of being an artist is challenging yourself and your audience with new and fresh ideas that have never been seen before. As much as I love doing mashup paintings, I have a lot of original and creative directions I want to share with you, ideas that don't rely on other characters other people established. This is been burning in me for quite awhile- I want to make you laugh and think in ways that are offbeat and unexpected, and that's exciting to me. I cannot complain about reboots and recycled ideas if I don't take artistic risks.

From here on out I will be working on original concepts for most of the time, and only doing pop art mashups sporadically.

The next project I'm working on is a series of 4 paintings about real life animal heroes. We celebrate fictional heroes all the time, and 99.9 % of them are human, so I want to explore REALITY, the cost of a being a hero, the horrors of war, the power and beauty of animals in the face of adversity. I hope you find this new direction in my art intriguing and unique. I've already begun work on the first painting which I will share with you shortly.

Thank you, Brett