New Painting in progress & something to Tweet about.
This work in progress, an oil painting on canvas, is actually still in its very early stages. Currently a monochromatic underpainting in nothing but burnt sienna, the work will gradually be realized in full color.  As yet untitled, the portrait represents another addition to a body of work depicting the many faces of Los Angeles.   Aside from starting several new works, the past month has been a busy one for me; the most significant development being my launching of a Twitter account where I am now sharing my paintings, prints, and drawings,  plus commentary about art, culture, and related news. If you are already a Twitter member or have been wanting to see what it is all about, please visit my Twitter page here:   New artworks, comments, news, and links are posted to my Twitter page each day. I am very excited about the possibilities that Patreon and Twitter promise, and I am dedicated to providing regular and unique content to both platforms. But for now, it is time to get back to the easel!