New Patreon Reward Tiers
Hello all! New Patreon reward tiers are live! They are:

Weekly Exclusives ($1 to $5) -  Chose your monthly contribution, from $1-$5. Access to one Patreon exclusive video every week, regardless of dollar amount pledged in that bracket. 

Shout-outs! ($10) -  I will add your name to my sponsors list in the description of each video for the months you pledge at this level, plus all previous rewards!

I write you a short story! ($20) - I will  write you a flash-fiction piece between 100-200 words each month. Choose the genre and/or subject, or let a generator (or my brain) choose for you! :) Plus all previous rewards!

Custom videos ($100) -  Receive one custom video per month, plus all previous rewards! You do not have to commit to multiple months.