New Patreon Supporter

as many people have problems getting the patch to work. here are some guidelines how to get the patch working.

1. Become a Patreon

2. Download the Patreon Patcher from our website at

3. (if free patch is installed)

3.1 Short Way (not always working) start the free patcher of roguard and push restore backup

3.2 Long way (always working) delete all data from your emulator/phone via the system settings about ragnarok mobile and let Ragnarok Mobile download the gamefiles again from the developers servers

4. deinstall the free patcher

5. close the Ragnarok Mobile client (make sure it does not run in background)

6. Wait for around 1 hour, that our server can synchronize with Patreon and get to know you

7. Start the patreon patcher and let it download the patreon english patch (Note: if this takes pretty long, use a vpn)

8. Start the Ragnarok Mobile Client and login with your game account (if you have really the patreon patch, you can see on the loading screen. the messages there are still chinese for the free version, for the patreon version they are english)

9. A Popup will appear after some seconds, showing your your AccountID, write this down, you need it for later.

10. Go to

enter the email you are using for patreon and the AccountID you wrote down before. (NOT THE CHARACTER NAME, LOGIN ID OR CHARACTER ID, SEE THE PICTURE ON THE WEBSITE)

hit "Add Account". If you get a message about that your email does not exists, it means the server has not synched up yet and you have to wait abit longer.

Step 11. Login and check if the popup appears again. If so, contact me over Patreon PM System or in discord.

Kind regards