New Patreon Bonuses?
Hey guys! I've been working on fixing up the Patreon (I updated the tier info and images today- pretty spiffy, I think!), and have been thinking about what kind of content you guys would be interested in seeing! 

The options below are some incentives I've been thinking about adding. Please select the ones you'd be interested in seeing! If you have any other things you'd like to see, feel free to mention it in the comments!

I'm working on improving the patreon so you guys get all the cool stuff you want, so please let me know your thoughts! 


Sketches/thumbnails/WIP screenshots of pages

.PSD files of finished pages

Tutorials (In text and/or video form)

Castoff worldbuilding snippets

Character Q/A

Artist Q/A (Maybe in video form?)

Non-Castoff-related art/PSDs

Other? (Reply with what you'd like to see!)

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