New Patreon Rewards!
Thanks to the feedback I got from all of you, I've rolled out a new lineup of rewards I hope you'll find exciting! Let me go through all the details.

The $1 discord access tier has been removed, as it wasn't very popular and I didn't feel it served much purpose. The list of tiers is already gonna be pretty long now!

$3: Cheats
This tier will remain the same, letting you manipulate the game with cheats and sometimes get sneak previews of upcoming content that's not ready for full release.

$6: Early Access
The ability to play the new version of the game one week early is a common low-end reward for games, but I think $10 might have been a bit high for it. I'm hoping I can tempt some folks to upgrade with a more affordable tier in between!

$10: Lith's Diary, Art Previews
Both of these rewards have been pretty popular with fans from what I've seen, so hopefully they can hold up the $10 tier on their own.

$20: Monthly Mini-Update, Upgraded Deluxe Version
The big change here is that I'll be upgrading the Deluxe version to hopefully be more enticing. I'm reaching out to a graphic designer currently to see about making up a whole new GUI for the deluxe version of the game, one I'm hoping will be both more sexy and more engaging to read off of.

This is also where the first new reward shows up: I'm planning to add a "completionist's map" to the Deluxe version that lets you see, with minimal spoilers, what scenes and major variants of scenes you have seen in this file, and in all your files. It'll be very condensed and minimalistic, but I think it should help a lot with the frustration when you're not sure how much content there is left to squeeze out of the game.

$30: Daily Content, Vote on Additions, Art Archive
I should clarify first thing: if you were supporting at this tier before this post, you'll keep getting your named copy. I've made a list of each of you and sent each of you a PM to let you know you'll continue getting the named copy reward as long as you continue supporting at this tier. But if you make any changes or cancel your pledge, you'll have to join at the tier below to get it again.

Now! Along with getting an email with the raw text every day that I work on writing for the game, supporters at this tier will also have two new rewards. First, I'll hold a vote before every release with a selection of side content I haven't gotten around to (alternates and expansions for scenes, extra features, new smaller scenes), and whatever content you all vote for, I'll make sure to work on for that coming release. Second, I'll be putting together a more comprehensive collection of the art I've commissioned for the game, complete with more variants and larger files, all bundled up in a single zip file for easy downloading and browsing.

$45: Named Copy, now with Enhanced Cheats
Another popular new addition was a more comprehensive set of cheats. For this, I'm going to elevate the named copies to a new version of the game, better than the Deluxe edition, where not only does Lith know your name but you have enhanced control over every aspect of the game to explore and enjoy at your whim.

$60: Scene and Variant Requests
Lots of people have ideas for what they'd like to see added to the game, and a lot of the time those ideas won't really work, but sometimes it's just a matter of a little extra work. In this tier, you can log as many suggestions as you like for small additions to the game, either adding variants to scenes that might be lacking them or adding small scenes to extra possible outcomes to randomized and procedural sections of the game. We might expand to other options, depending on how it goes, but that's the main focus for now.

I'll always maintain final word on what should and should not be in the game, and I will never add something that I don't feel fits the game and its goals. But if your suggestions don't fit, I'll try and talk it over with you on why that is, and what we could maybe try instead that you might be more satisfied with.

For every release, I'll take a few of these suggestions to add in, chosen from those that best fit the game and its goals. It's a bit of a tricky balance, but this is your best bet for getting the content you want to see added to the game.

$80: Friends with Lithier
Lots of creators have a top tier that's just "wow you're supporting for a lot!" This is kinda that, but with a little more. A sort of casual "make what you want of it" tier. Maybe you just want to show off how much you love this cat and how much extra money you've got bangin' around in your pocket, or maybe you want to get your name up there as a big supporter of the project, or maybe you just want someone to play a game with or something. Support at this tier, and we'll work something out.

Please keep in mind, I'm making these changes to the tier list because I've just finalized what the rewards will be. I still need to go through and do a lot of the work making these rewards happen. The Deluxe version of v0.36 won't have a new GUI or a map, the named copies won't have enhanced cheats just yet, and it'll take a while for me to put the art archive together.

I plan to work on these over the weeks and months to come. I hope to have the bulk of the work done in time for the next major release, and I'll try to post new, better versions of everything as it becomes available. Just don't be surprised if all these shiny new things don't show up tomorrow, alright? :P

For now, if you want to stay at your current level, you shouldn't need to do anything. If a different tier sounds enticing, though, you can switch now and wait for the new rewards to roll in!

Thank you, everyone, for your support! I hope you'll enjoy all the new rewards! If you have any feedback on these changes, feel free to comment or PM me. As I mentioned in the last post, Lith's Diary and the major release will be coming along shortly!

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