New Patreon Reward - Comic Slack Chat
Brian, Matt and myself have wanted to offer more along the lines of rewards for your amazing support on Patreon and I think we have found something fun. Slack!

Slack is way more than just a messaging app but that's the easiest way to pitch this. We have created a Slack Team where the Comics Coast to Coast community can hang out and chat about the show, comics, potential podcast topics and guests and common interests. Right now there is just one giant #general chat room but this is just the beginning!

How do you get in on this Slack chat? Easy. Become a patron! After you become a patron, you will receive your Slack invite. If you do not receive an invite within the first twenty-four hours, email the show at [email protected] or tag one of the hosts on Twitter and we will take care of it.

If anyone in the community would be interested in being a SlackĀ chatroom admin/moderator, please reach out.

You can find out more about Slack at One of the things I really like about Slack is that you can participate via web app, desktop or mobile app.

See you in Slack.

- Joel

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