New Patreon Fee Structure
Good morning, Patrons,

I'm sure many of you have learned by now that Patreon is charging patrons extra in order to pass that extra onto PayPal for those processing fees. Initially, I was the one footing that bill and I was happy to do it; but this new fee puts that onus on you. I'm well aware that increase may make supporting Creators a precarious situation and especially penalizes the lower-pledge Patrons. If in anyway supporting me becomes prohibitive to you, please understand there will be no hard feelings in having to suspend or cease your support altogether. I have appreciated you being here, more than I can say, and I'm also looking into alternative platforms in the meantime as well. Nevertheless, if you have any questions, I'll be happy to answer them to the best of my ability. If you'd like more information about this measure, please go here:

All the best,