New Patreon Fees
I'm sure you all have seen the email already or at least the kerfuffle heard around the internet. But if you missed it, allow me to summarize:

Due to issues with charging patrons up front when they join (specifically with a patron joining just before the month is up and therefore ending up paying for two months within a few days), they decided to start charging patrons on the monthly anniversary they pledged.

That unfortunately means they're no longer charging everyone at the beginning of the month all in one lump. Which means that every single transaction will incur its own card fee.

And rather than put that onus on the creators (which would be a huge amount of money), they put it on the patrons by adding a fee for every pledge.

I'm not happy about this. Not many people are as far as I know. While I understand where they're coming from and why they chose what they did, I highly disagree that this is the way to fix the charge upfront issue. The last thing I want is to put extra burden on my patrons.

The worst part about this is how much of a burden it is to low-tier patrons. And as someone who has a very small patreon budget that I split into $1 increments, I feel the pain too.

If you have to unpledge, I completely understand. I will never hold it against you. Please take care of yourself. 

I'm on the lookout for an alternative and have my eye on a few places. I'm going to see how this shakes out -- hopefully they'll reverse the decision or at least take a long, hard look at their priorities, because they're crappy. I'm not sure I can trust Patreon to look after my patrons after this, but I guess we'll see.

Anyway, I'll keep you posted. If you have to drop, I understand. But in other news I hope you guys are having a good December!