New Patreon Reward - LED Wearables
New reward for our Patreon campaign! The $10/month LED Wearable Patreons - We will teach you how to work with LEDs and small electronics with a focus on creating wearable electronic art for costuming. 

Starting in July, 2016, we will be hosting online monthly workshop projects for costume designers and people interested in working with LEDs. This will be perfect for beginners who have NO experience with electronics.

We'll be going over things like:

Soldering and Equipment

Basic Electronics for Wearables

Battery Technology and Powering Your Creations

LEDs - What's Out There and Where Do I Get It?

Securing your creations and getting them ready for showtime

Light diffusion - how to look good

And so much more!!!!

Please remember to like and share this with anyone who might be interested in learning some LED costuming skills! If you have any questions for us, don't hesitate to get in touch and ask!