NEW PATREON LIST (as of 3/4) / Slight Change to the $20 Request Tier
Hey-o guys! Just wanted to chime in here with the list as of present. We're REALLY getting a lot of request in. Which is great! But as a result of the high-volume, I've had to change the resting period between your requests to 4 MONTHS instead of 3.

As much as I love doing requests, we do have other content we really need to begin focusing on so we need to stem the tide of these a little bit.

Again, it always helps to request albums that are being released FURTHER OUT. The later it's coming out, the easier it is on me and my schedule. Thanks again for your support guys! Check out the list as it stands below! 


-- Stuck Out, You Won't Come Home (Out now)

- Extremities, Gaia (Out Now)

- Kyle Craft, Full Circle Nightmare (Out now)

- Tiny Moving Parts, Swell (Out Now)

- Purest of Pain, Solipsis (Out Now)

- Ducking Punches, Alamort (Out now)

- Don Broco, Technology (Out Now)

- Cane Hill, Too Far Gone (Out Now)

- Between the Buried and Me, Automata I (Out Now)

- Ministry, AmeriKKKant (Out Now)

- Judas Priest, Firepower (Out Now)

- Earthless, Black Heaven (March 16th)

- Dorothy, 28 Days in the Valley (March 16th)

- KAO=S, Amrita (March 20th)

- The Sword, Used Future (March 23rd)

- Jack White, Boarding House Reach (March 23rd)

- Hop Along, Bark Your Head Off, Dog (April 6th)

- Kamelot, The Shadow Theory (April 6th)

- Underoath, Erase Me (April 6th)

- A Perfect Circle, Eat The Elephant (April 20th)

- CHVRCHES, Love is Dead (May 25th)

- Psychostick, TBD (Spring 2018)

- Parkway Drive, TBD (Spring 2018)

- Behemoth, TBD (Fall 2018?)

- Sianvar, TBD (???)

- Sleep, TBD (???)

- Tremonti, A Dying Machine (???)

- Arctic Monkeys, TBD (???)

- Covet, TBD (???) 

- Tool, TBD (???) *yep, somebody Patreon requested it.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


- Turbowolf, The Free Life (out now)