New Patreon, New Updates
I am going to attempt to frequently update patreon with things I am working on or stuff that is close to release.

With that being said:

This last week I have been working heavily on a few new things.

  • New Perms system and some gosh dang documentation for it. I cold launched a new permissions system a few days ago. It needed to be done. However I think my support team might hate me now (thanks guys!) That being said I finally got to writing up some information about the system on the website \o/
  • Finding translators and getting Ayana ready for the multilingual update has been a large project for me as well. I am happy to say we have a nice amount of languages for the feature release. However I still have much todo to get there

These two things have been sucking my time like no other. I can't wait for the multilingual update I know people are going to love it :D

Thanks, talk to you guys next time