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Let's Figure Out Patreon tutorial here!

October Supplement Worksheet here!

Hi guys,

Hope you're well! New tutorial has been posted~ Because of its density (read: I have a lot to say about Patreon stuff), I decided to split the giant tutorial I was attempting to make into two pieces. The second half is already written, so that will be coming out in a few weeks. This first tutorial addresses the basics of a Patreon page, and what sort of things to notice about all sorts of examples you might see, and how to turn that information into something that you can use for yourself. The second tutorial will cover the actual building, launch, and maintenance of your new (or updated) Patreon campaign. I tried to put in everything that I've learned over the last year an a half, so hopefully some of you find it useful :]

In more important news, I'll be choosing and notifying all Crabtober/ sticker contest winners tomorrow~ I will probably put the winning titles and users into one post just for fun, so if you participated, keep an eye out for that!

Gonna try and get a page done for tomorrow too so, back to work <__>

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You're Rad
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You're Quantifiably 2x Radder Than That Guy Up There
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Access to Patron-only livestreams, where you can watch the comics come to life in hideous "real time"
  • Access to many milestone PDF comics
  • [new!] Access to exclusive wallpapers
The Good Stuff
$5 or more per month 396 patrons
  • Access to new tutorials and the full high-res Shingworks tutorial archive!
  • All of the milestone PDF comics :U
  • Access to exclusive wallpapers AND wallpaper PSD files, plus the ability to suggest and vote on wallpaper ideas
  • Forbidden livestream access
  • Behind-the-scenes sketches, in-progress work, side comics, peeks into the Meek bible, etc
  • Access to development work and announcements about new projects
  • Periodic .psd files for interesting things
  • The satisfaction of knowing that you are a hero and a king amongst your fellows
The Serious Patron
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All of the previous, plus
  • Access to the monthly tutorial support worksheet
  • Your name (and site, if you want to promote your stuff) will be linked in a thank you section on the site [resuming in July 2017]
  • secret rewards~ (they are secret)
Advanced tutorial study!
$60 or more per month 1 of 2 patrons
Every month's new tutorial will come with a worksheet and a .psd to practice on, but sometimes you just want some personal attention :] If you sign up for the advanced study you'll get
And for added convenience, each of these tutorial study groups are on a month-to-month basis, so you can drop out of any month you are not interested in and come back for future months that you feel would be more useful; no pressure and no obligation.
  • A full month to email with me about anything pertaining to the most recent tutorial subject, including: clarification questions, hints on how to proceed on tough questions, and a bit of troubleshooting for you if you get stuck on any concepts. Your active month starts the day you sign up and lasts until the same day of the next month :]
  • I will personally redline, comment and correct your worksheet and .psd file as necessary. You'll also get a copy of this review in PDF form to keep for your records
  • You will receive personalized advice from me to you about the best ways to optimize your process in regards to the tutorial subject. Email me any time with anything that might be on your mind, regarding the subject! Seriously it is fine to bug the shit out of me, you're paying for it
  • Access to a private Patreon page to discuss and share your work with other members of that months' group (for months with more than one member!)
$100 or more per month 1 of 1 patrons
An experiment I am trying. Did you know that I used to tutor? I also taught highschool for a while, and directed art for games for a few years as well. My ability to analyze my art is how I got my comics looking they way they do, and now you can get in on some of this. You'll get:
But what will we talk about? Here are a few of many ideas...

  • Everything in the $10 reward tier plus
  • ONE HOUR of one-on-one video chat to talk shop about whatever you want. This hour can be split into two 30-min sessions as well, depending on what we do I can recommend what split works best. If you email me the work you want critiqued beforehand, my initial review of the material will not count as part of the chat. And, if you live near Mountain View, CA, you have the option of meeting in-person locally. Your hour must be used up within 30 days of purchase, but we can schedule it to take place during a time that works for you.
  • any material I make for you. This might be a lesson plan, a written review, redlines or a paintover, links to resources, process drawings, a worksheet... depends on what we end up doing.
  • A thorough critique of your webcomic (strengths and weaknesses of the art, writing, site, marketing, etc). I can share our analysis later as a formal review, if you would like
  • A thorough critique of your personal-project development or scripting process... let's think critically and put your ideas through a workout
  • A drawing lesson, from the self-taught/ dedicated hobbyist approach. Where to start, what kind of supplies are appropriate for your level and your goals, best places to find resources, how to make sure you are progressing, how to avoid bad information, etc
  • How to achieve a certain style in your art, redlining or troubleshooting on a specific art piece you are working on, etc
  • A specific explanation of any art techniques I use, about software or brushes or equipment or plugins I use, places I go to get reference, how to approach doing research on something you're unfamiliar with, an overview of some points I like to address while worldbuilding and how to keep all that information organized, an explanation of why I decide to draw everyone's eyes and noses so big despite all advice to the contrary, etc
  • Advice about freelancing or anything I know about the art industry; the differences between good and bad clients, how to avoid drama, personal horror stories, etc
  • Friendly chat, proselytizing, an informative explanation about the evolution of snake dentition, etc
  • ANYTHING ELSE as long as it is reasonably art-related, haha... please do not be creep
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