New Patreon tutorial now available!
Let's Figure Out Patreon tutorial here!

October Supplement Worksheet here!

Hi guys,

Hope you're well! New tutorial has been posted~ Because of its density (read: I have a lot to say about Patreon stuff), I decided to split the giant tutorial I was attempting to make into two pieces. The second half is already written, so that will be coming out in a few weeks. This first tutorial addresses the basics of a Patreon page, and what sort of things to notice about all sorts of examples you might see, and how to turn that information into something that you can use for yourself. The second tutorial will cover the actual building, launch, and maintenance of your new (or updated) Patreon campaign. I tried to put in everything that I've learned over the last year an a half, so hopefully some of you find it useful :]

In more important news, I'll be choosing and notifying all Crabtober/ sticker contest winners tomorrow~ I will probably put the winning titles and users into one post just for fun, so if you participated, keep an eye out for that!

Gonna try and get a page done for tomorrow too so, back to work <__>