New Patreon Exclusive Content Coming Soon
Aloha everyone!

First of all, as always, thank you so very much for your support.  I really appreciate what y'all are doing to help me produce more and better content for you.

2 things for this post.  Firstly, the next round of miniatures for the $25 patreons will ship out tomorrow.  I'll do a preview of it tomorrow for you after I ship them.

Secondly, there will be several Patreon exclusive videos coming out over the next few weeks.  The first will be a basing video for the miniature that I unboxed on YouTube last night, Bloody Bradigan Pitt from the minicrate line.  I've never shown on video how to create woodgrain before, and I wanted this fellow to look like he was in a bar, so I thought while I was doing the base, why not film the thing and let y'all see something fun.

The next bit of content will be a little modification to Bradigan Pitt that makes him look a bit rough and tough.  In the unboxing video, you'll see that he's holding a bar of soap in his right fist, an homage to Fight Club.  I didn't like the soap idea, so the soap is no longer there.  I won't tell you yet what I replaced it with, but I'm guessing there aren't many people in the world (if anyone else at all) that went in the direction I did.

The next one is the finished version of Ashes to Ashlynn, the minicrate miniature for January 2018.  I'm just about done with her now.  All that's left is to varnish her and then add some texture to the base.  Once she's complete, I'll do up a video like I did with the Geist of Christmas Yet to Come and show you what colors I used  in the painting process.

All in all, there are a lot of things coming down the pipe soon that I know you're going to enjoy.

Thanks again for your generous support!