New Patreon tier!
A lot of info coming up, but very important, so bear with me. 

If you've been hanging out in my discord and some of my streams, then you've already heard a little bit about what's being added. 

For a more personal tier and more options for patrons that just can't make the streams or want a little something more than the sketches, a new $25 tier is going up beginning August 1st!

This tier will give you access to ONE colored pencil drawing a month. Like the patreon sketches, it will be limited to 15 slots (whereas the patreon sketches have been limited to 8), so that I can always get these done each month. Because of the slots, it is preferred that if you decide to request more than once, that you spread out the requests to give other people a chance, unless I still have slots open. Depending on how the first couple months of this go, that number of slots could change. 

These drawings will be 6x9in(nice) and will all be done in a style similar to this:

*note: requests can be more detailed than this, with more colors. This is a quick example of the style and size.*

Why is this more personal? Because you'll have the option of having the picture sent to you, laminated, in the mail, with a small handwritten thank you (and in the future, some on brand stickers). Because of this, this tier will require an address.

These can be of any ONE character so long as it is not offensive, nor it features any nudity, racism, depictions of abuse, or fetishes. Just like with the patreon sketches, these will be done only AFTER a payment of $25 has been processed. If you request one and then delete your pledge before payment is processed, you will not get one. 

At the moment, this is being considered STAGE 1 of patreon changes. Around the end of each month, with permission from the patron, I will be posting a scanned version of every picture I draw. If you don't want your picture scanned/posted, you will be able to opt out of that. 

Thank you all as always for the amazing support, and thank you especially to those who have stuck around during all these weird changes as I try to find my footing and what works best for me and in turn, all of you. Hope you all enjoy the new patreon tier, and stay tuned for the next update! 

AGAIN! This will be ready to go beginning of next month! I'll have much more info on it then, as I'm still trying to figure out like. A million things at the moment. 

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