New Patreon Tier and Small Changes to Tier 2 Patrons
Hi everyone! Now that I've had a successful month on here, I've made a couple changes to benefit you all!

For the small change, I have added more perks for Tier 2 ($5+) patrons where you get to see behind-the-scenes during my photoshoots. This can include pictures, videos during the shoot, and more!

For the big change, I've introduced a new tier! This tier is where you can pick my next casual cosplay and you'll get sweet goodies from it! When I mean casual cosplays, I mean I'm up to doing any of the following for any of my characters:

Boudoir versions, swimsuit versions, holiday versions (christmas, valentines day, etc), casual wear, etc. And this also includes cosplaying new characters that wear easily attainable street clothing!

So if you want to see me do fun stuff, like a Boudoir Misty shoot or come up with a Fem!Gentarou Kisagari, then this tier is for you :)