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Hi, so, since the birth of my son, I have been researching ways to diversify, so I'm here, for now.

I will happily commission art and create downloadable books and ebooks for patrons, if the money coming in through this site supports that, and that may lead to new tiers, someday.

You've probably read something I wrote somewhere...


Last Dragon (Wizards of the Coast: Discoveries, February 2008, reprinted with Apex Publications)

Never Knew Another (Night Shade Books, January 2011)

When We Were Executioners (Night Shade Books, February 2012)

Maze (Apex Publications, May 2013)

We Leave Together (WordHorde, June 2014)

Straggletaggle (Bad Ducky Industries, December 2014)

The Fortress at the End of Time (, January 2017)

Short Story Collections:

Disintegration Visions (Apex Publications, 2012)

Women and Monsters (Bad Ducky Industries, October 2013)


“Nirvana Gates” – Athans & Associates Press, 2013

“Death Mask and Eulogy” – Bad Ducky Industries, 2012

Short Stories:

"Full Metal Mother" - forthcoming in Analog

"Astroboy and Wind" - forthcoming in Analog

"Keep the Line Tight but Not Too Tight, or Esteban and the Moon" - forthcoming in Analog

“Tiger" - Reckoning 3, December 2018

"The Devil and the Bugle Boy” - Tales from the Talking Board 

“Snowbird” - Analog Science Fiction and Fact, March 2016

“Farmers” - Analog Science Fiction, and Fact, January/February 2016

“Paul and his Son” – Asimov’s Magazine, April/May 2015

“Fox in the Fields” - 3-Lobed Burning Eye, #26

“Dolores, Big and Strong” – Asimov’s Magazine, April/May 2013

“Everything is Haunted” –  Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet #32

“I Am Nature” – Dark Recess Press #7 ,, 12/25/2007 (audio)

“Last Star” – Coyote Wild Magazine #1.5

“The Lovesong of Jack McNally” – Atomjack Magazine #9

“Man on the Mountain” – #1

“Dave Jones and the Survivor” – Atomjack Magazine #12

“The End of Her World” – Dark Recesses Press #9, 3-Lobed Burning Eye (reprint)

“Gods of the Spiderhole” – Fantasy Magazine, August 2008

“Speaking of Butterflies” – Brain Harvest, May 2009

“Dragon Came to Galveston to Die” – Space Squid, 3rd Quarter 2009

“Dedalus and the Labyrinth” – Weird Tales Magazine, #355

“The Botanist’s Wife” – One Minute Weird Tale #1

“Last Drink, Birdhead” in Last Drink Bird Head

“Death’s Shed” – Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet, December 2010

“The Lady or the Tiger” – Apex Magazine, February 2010, Escape Pod, December 2010 (audio), Descended from Darkness, Vol II Apex Publications. (reprint)

“Father” – Space Squid #10

“Ariadne After Theseus” – Paul Jessup’s Coffin Mouth #1

“Arachne” – The Journal of Unlikely Entomology #1

“Siren” – PopFic Review #1

“Gaia” – The Raleigh Review, January 2011

“The Transformation of Mr. Toad” – Moonlight Tuber

“It’s Mine” – The Fathomless Abyss, an anthology ed. by Phil Athans

“Circe” – The SAND Literary Journal, 2012

“War Beetles” – Journal of Unlikely Entomology #3


 “Robert Shirtliffe” – Tipton Poetry Journal #4

 “Night Flight” – Tipton Poetry Journal #7

 “Lacerta” – GUD Magazine #2

 “3 Poems Called Cosmic” – Abyss & Apex Magazine, August 2008, Speculative Poetry Foundation’s Rhysling Anthology, (Poem Nominated in the Long-Form category)

 “The Umbrella King” – Illumen, Spring 2010


 “On Mosaic Texts” at Interfictions Zero, with the Interstitial Arts Foundation

 “J. M. McDermott, a Candidate for a Masters in Fine Arts Would Like to Whisper With You” at

“We Live in Small Worlds” at Black Gate Magazine, March 14, 2011

“J M McDermott Says Our Digital Future is Already a Few Months Behind Us, so What is it, Exactly, And What Should We Do About It?” at, Part 1 and Part 2

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