New Patreons
I would like to welcome everyone to the Patreon family! This year will be a good year! Going places, finding gold, meeting new friends! And best of all, having giveaways for my premium Patreon subscriber! So set back, watch and enjoy! And Thank You again for becoming part of my Patreon family! Dennis Dayton aka IndianaGoldHunter 
Tier Benefits
$1 or more per month
1$ a month level will put you on the list to get exclusive updates and videos up to a day early
The Gold Hunter
$5 or more per month
5$ a month level will get you the benefits of the 1$ also with us giving you a "BIG WELCOME" in the next video.
Premium Gold Hunter
$10 or more per month
10$ a month will get you the 1$ and 5$ benefits as well as any info on upcoming videos

but thats not all......

...  Be automatically entered into Contests that I host

... Be eligible for any Gold mining adventures,  gold and prospecting equipment

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