New Patron only Tumbler page for HORROR!
I have just created a private Tumblr page where I'll post ongoing horror stories for Patrons only! Become a patron to receive the password. Here's a snippet of the first story: "The office walls pulsed with such force that Paco's calendar pages flapped as if by strong wind. The cream-colored curtains on the window burst into flames. The red and blue kissed the walls with scorch marks. He turned in his chair and placed his feet in a sticky mass of blood and hair. And yet no gore existed, just as there were no flames or wind. What he really did was rub his eyes as a faint melody came to his lips. He hummed a bar or two, not sure what the tune was. Somehow though, Paco did know the song was one he liked." [Image credit goes to Michelle Harvey, who created some of my cover art for two audio books I have published.]