New Patron Tiers!
I have decided to add some larger tiers for those who want some original monthly artwork and goodies! 

So, (after renaming all of my tiers...) we have two new tiers:

The Fancy Fox
Patrons will receive hand-written and drawn thank you cards, and A4 print, 10% discount on my stuff and a monthly sketch request. As well as all of the previous rewards from the lower tiers. 

The Wholehearted Wolf
Patrons will receive the above, plus an additional A4 and mini print.  After 2 months, they can receive 15% off my stuff and an A4 watercolour animal or skull commission.  

I have opened these up as it's better to have them there available and ready should anyone want them.  Also it gives people the opportunity to receive art at a discount every month if they want a collection of my sketches.  

Well there you go - two new tiers!  Time to get some food and to art for the rest of the day!  

Much love <3