New patron reward type for iChunUtil 1.8.
Hey guys, Might as well figured to let you folks know now, in today's eventual release of iChunUtil for Minecraft 1.8, there will be a new patron reward type for you guys to mess around with. For curiousity-poking sake, I won't state what it is, but no need to fear, as your old patron reward style will still be available. Unfortunately you'll have to pick one of the two though! I don't expect many people to switch over to the new patron reward type, it's not *that* great, but it came as an idea and it fit (somewhat), so why not? Anyways, a couple of mods might be released for 1.8 today, following iChunUtil's 1.8 release. We'll see how it goes. Cheers, iChun
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