New Pause Mode is out, and this video is cursed.
New Pause Mode is out and I am so thankful for it to finally be done with. This should have been done yesterday evening but a giant clusterduck of problems and production issues left me finishing it at 3am. Only to then have the new End Card YouTube feature be off by a good 10 seconds. 

After spending half an hour fighting YouTube's editing tools, the video is finally timed right, and only partially butchered near the end (the Sega CD Background disappears). 

I'm skipping the exclusivity on this one for fear I'd break Patreon or something. Everyone gets to see the mess as once. >_>

Funny enough, in typing this, my Mac just told me I'm now running off of my battery back-up power...even though there's power in the condo. 

I think I'll just go hide....