A new perk for Patreon donors
Hey current donors and awesome Tone Madison readers in general,

Lately you've probably noticed that we're putting on more events, including an intermittent series at the Gates of Heaven that got off to a great start in February with a performance from NYC percussionist Ches Smith and his trio (above). We've got more Gates of Heaven shows announcing soon for summer and fall, we're bringing Baltimore art-punks Horse Lords to Williamson Magnetic Recording Company on May 10, and we're hosting experimental drummer Tatsuya Nakatani at Arts +  Literature Laboratory on August 5

We'd love to see you there and find another way to thank you for supporting what we do. So, effective immediately, we're setting a discounted ticket price for people giving $15 or more per month, and offering free admission for people donating $50 or more per month. So far these events are sporadic, and we have still other events that are free, but these discounts will apply to at least 6 events per year--and probably more, as we grow with your help. 

Both the May 10 and August 5 event are $8 for non-donors and $5 for members donating $15 or more per month. More events will be announced soon with member discounts for each.

To enjoy these benefits, please consider raising your level of support. Meanwhile, we'll keep working hard to serve the Madison community with the best journalism and events we can produce.

Thank you!

Scott Gordon

Editor/publisher, Tone Madison.