A new perk for writers
We know that many of our readers are also writers, and that holds true for our patrons as well.  Our gift to you today, on Canada's 149th birthday, is a new perk for all our patrons at the $2 level and up: access to our secret submissions inbox.

Unlike our regular submissions inbox, which has limited opening windows and reading fees, our patron-only inbox never closes, and is always free.  As a patron that means you can send us as many stories as you like, any time of the year.  We'll read them in the order they come in, though our replies may take several months.

Log into the patron-only blog on our patreon page to find out how to use the inbox.  As always be sure to read our submission guidelines for length, format, and content.  We haven't changed our standards ... just left the back window open for our loyal supporters.

Send us some summer reading and have a happy Canada Day!

Jen, Mel, & Sue

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