New perks are here!
Patrons and non-patrons alike, check out my page for the new list of perks I've added. Also, I'm giving away free signed headshots to any of you that want them that sign up at the $10+ level for June. If you are already a patron and would like one, you can: -Up your pledge to $10 just for June if you pledge less than that -Add an extra $5 to your pledge just for June (to cover shipping) if you already pledge more than that Hooray! Just let me know in a patreon message that you'd like one and I'll get them sent out once the June pledges go through! Also, those of you who did pledge at the $25 level, check your inboxes if you haven't--the changes mean a little growing pains for you guys, and I apologize! Thank you as always for supporting me, you beautiful lovely special friends.