New Permanent Stream Schedule!

Look out for the stream-poll in the next post coming shortly, $5+ friends!

ANNOUNCEMENT! Yes, I'm going to try to stick to this new schedule, for real! Here's my reasoning behind the times and days I chose:

  • 3pm EST on Fridays and Sundays is a comfy time for me! It's a time/day that is not often interrupted by social events, so I'm less likely to cancel/reschedule those streams.
  • 3pm EST is also comfy for most of America/Canada, and is also very doable for Europe.
  • Having both streams start at the same time makes it easier for people to keep track of them!
  • Judging from Hitbox's analytics and an informal survey on Twitter, it seems like I only have a very small handful of fans eastward of Europe. A smattering, really. There's maybe 15-20 in Australia, tops? :(
  • Can't please everybody! Might as well please as many folks as I can though, given that the majority of my fans are in these timezones!

If you can't catch the streams live on Hitbox, I will still be uploading the streams to Youtube as promptly as I can!

Button update! The borbs from The Talos Principle are done! But it's so close to the end of February (whoops, sorry my life got turned upside-down by that Polygon job process...), that I might as well make these envelopes have 3 buttons in them instead of 2! I'm brainstorming this month's buttons now, and am open to suggestions/requests if you guys have any! :) Hit me up in the comments here or on Twitter with any ideas.

Thanks again for all your kindness and support, everyone! <3 

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