New Photos, New Calendar, New Album!
Hello to my dearest loving Patrons! Are you keeping happy & well today?

It's Monday and the start to a new week, and it will soon be Christmas! Hurrayy! :)

I have an exciting new reward for you: 

Each of my patrons are invited to select your favourite photo from my latest photo shoot yesterday. Your chosen image will feature as one of the months in my brand new 2017 calendar, dedicated to you,  and also be considered for my brand new album, 'Inspire' out this week!

And also , those who pledge $20 (UK £15) or above, will receive a free, signed copy of my new calendar!

Those of you who don't feel you  can commit to being a full Patron of mine, but want to order the brand new album or 2017 calendar, or as a gift in time for Christmas, you can order online at my website 

I will send you my patrons the latest new photos now and kindly get back to me with your chosen photograph. 

Thank you, have a wonderful day, and always follow your heart!

Love Gemma x