New Physical Rewards Are Here!
It's February 2017, and, as promised, we're rolling out a new series of Patreon exclusive stickers!  Series Two sees the legally distinct Funny Monky, Nice Sailor Bloke, and Strange Frog & Whacky Owl join the fun.  Additionally, you'll get a DK Vine logo draped in the colors of villains from throughout the Donkey Kong Universe.  Can you name them all?  All current and future Patrons will get these stickers!  Yep, they're worth exactly $1 a month.

Coming in at the $10 and up tier is a new reward: A DK Vine bumper sticker!  Enough of you asked for these over the course of the last year that we finally made it happen at the most cost-efficient tier we could manage.  Any current and future Patrons pledging $10 and up a month will get one of these things.  It'll look lovely next to your Coexist, Support Local Farms, and Dole/Kemp '96 stickers!

Additionally, for future Patrons, we've added a safety net of sorts for anyone serious about collecting these idiotic things.  The $10 and up tier now grants you access to all retired sticker sets.  So, anyone backing us on Patreon for the first time will be able to still get Series One (the just retired Diddle, Bare & Burd, Conkorz vs. Bad Nut, and the regular DK Vine logo) no questions asked!

Look for these in your mailboxes this month!  Remember to update your shipping addresses if you haven't already done so!