New piece: Digital Forest
I'm fascinated by the distinction we maintain between reality and the virtual. We - humans - have created this increasingly complicated, inter-dependent, mangled, weird electricity-based existence that didn't exist 50 years ago. 

To pop culture reference my current Netflix bae, our digital world is like Stranger Things' upside-down world - a version of our own world with different physical laws.

That's why I created this Digital Forest piece - a website where the "forest" is a composite of search results for the word "tree". 

I love thinking about the different distinctions we put on a "real" forest and a "digital" one. What makes one more real than the other, other than a physical presence? The first distinction that I reached for was that, the creation of real forests are dependent on millions of random factors, whereas the digital is curated by mankind.

But actually, we do have a hand in shaping real-world forests, and for the Digital Forest, the search results returning the trees are the result of a complex interplay between Bing's search algorithm, the population of websites and their own optimisation. 

Anyway, here's a link! Enjoy!

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