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New "piece" release - "It's World Premiere Time"
dear Patronauts - and other friends, as this is a public post:

hello! happy October! I just landed in Minneapolis following two beautiful weeks on the East Coast; and very shortly, the Early Morning Song team will go into tech, toward the world premiere... which is NEXT FRIDAY the 14th! omigoodness!!

as we build to this exciting point, I just put up a new piece of writing on the Red Eye process blog:

"It's World Premiere Time"

as always, all posts on the Red Eye process blog are available to the general public... but Patronauts, please know that you are the reason I've been able to stay in the practice of writing them, amidst many other things vying for attention right now. thank you so very much for your support!

some extra exciting perks will be going out in the mail this month, including little surprises from Maine for folks at the $5+ level, and books galore for those at $10+! also, if you're giving $25+, be sure to check out the posts I've been sharing for your eyes only - including sneak peeks into rehearsal, complimentary tickets to the show, and some other special invitations for those both local and further away.

lastly for now, I have an ambitious goal of bringing 9 more people into the circle this month! so for anyone reading who isn't already on board: if you love contemporary performance, experimental writing, or even just getting fun things in the mail, please consider being 1 of 9 new superstars to support my work for as little as $1 per month. it is super easy to sign up; you can cap your giving at any amount, as well as change it or bow out at any time; and in exchange, you get full access to everything I make, as well as everything I've already shared on Patreon... like a subscription to all kinds of creative fuel for thought. of course feel free to let me know if you have questions about how it works.

in gratitude and admiration -


Image: Dolo McComb in rehearsal (Photo by Matthew Benyo)

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