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New "piece" release - Ten Year Project
dear Patronauts and all,

I am delighted to share the launch of Ten Year Project, a new generative daily practice that I'm starting today in tandem with starting to take Tamoxifen (a medication for breast cancer treatment and prevention)! for now, Ten Year Project mainly will be shared on a new Facebook page that I started, plus my personal Instagram and Twitter accounts using the hashtag #tenyearproject. 

Ten Year Project is not "about" cancer (I'm actually looking forward to moving away from that subject pretty quickly here), but it does emerge from contemplating the reality of taking a medication daily for a full decade, which is the current recommendation in my case. of course, it's possible this recommendation will change, based on how my body responds and how medical research unfolds in the coming years. hence accordingly, I'm starting this project as a writing practice, but giving myself permission to let the form change over time. for now, it's starting small: I'm just writing a ten-word sentence every day. check out those social media links above to follow along, or stay tuned here for periodic compilations (maybe evolutions) of this material. 

if you're reading this post and you're not already part of my Patreon circle, please consider signing up to support this project and many others currently underway. even $1/month makes a big difference! patrons at ALL levels can access everything I've shared on Patreon over the past three years; $3+ patrons regularly receive surprises via snail mail. 

for everyone, please note: I'm charging patrons for the launch of this project today and possibly for major milestones in the future, but annually at most - to be clear, I will NOT charge for each daily post! 

with many thanks for all that you make possible,



PROJECT UPDATE - 11/19/18 was the first day that I completely missed writing my sentence! Hence I marked the date with a blank page, and am tweaking the practice a tiny bit moving forward - shifting to a ten word phrase (i.e. not necessarily a complete sentence).