While we are running the Zeppelin Attack kickstarter, we're also making sure to keep an eye on this project. The writer team has been assembled and is now in active discussions with Rob Donoghue to build our strategy for adventure design. Tazio Bettin continues to plug away at the art for Venture City Stories. And we're running the Evil Hat Writer Search to find more folks interested in writing for us. (This project will be a part of how we test drive them, and your feedback on the adventures we create will help us plan how we'll work with these folks in the months to come.) That means we'll be bringing in new adventure pitches as we sort them out with the folks who make it through the evaluation process. (Not sure what we're talking about? See the link associated with this post.) With this latest addition, tho, we didn't have to evaluate the author; we've been working with John for the past year-plus in his capacity as an editor, here at the Hat. He is lightning-fast, and great at finding clarity in what an author is trying to communicate, and is available for work, hint hint. Looking forward to bringing his pitch to fruition! Repeated here, from the front page of this project: ‚ÄčOut of the Shelter (by John Adamus, editor of many fine Evil Hat products): Russia fired first. Then we countered. Then they fired back. That was 1951, 8 years ago. Now it's time for a group of people to head out of the shelters and survey the land. But the scientists are convinced it's too dangerous for valuable members of society to do it, so they've trained criminals in rudimentary science techniques and sent them out to find any inhabitable areas. Will the criminals embrace freedom and make a run for it? Will they work together on this mission? Will something giant and irradiated eat them?