New Plan but...
After YouTube has change its monetizing guidelines, I no longer feel the platform as friendly for any small channel content creator. I have been making a transition to Twitch yet I could not let go of my Youtube channel.

Lately, I have been streaming on both platforms simultaneously. However, I felt like the plan backfired as I am trying to be eligible for Twitch Affiliate because I gave my followers a choice to pick which platform to watch my streams. (Another issue is I got caught in a glitch. D:)

I want to make Twitch my main priority and Youtube as secondary but it's hard since I started streaming my gameplays on Youtube.

I want to continue streaming for my followers but it looks like it's getting harder after Youtube will be demonetize my channel on Feb 20th. My funds are being depleted. Anything from Patreon goes into upgrading my equipment is much appreciated.