A new plan for a new year
As I’m sure you’ve noticed, things have been a little slow around here. Volume 1 of Curia Regis demanded the brunt of my time last year, and I couldn’t invest the right amount of effort or time into Patreon. So – first and foremost, a huge thank you to all of you who stayed and supported me.

I’ve taken some time to reassess how I’d like to handle Patreon. Going forward, Patreon will be the home for the creation of short comic stories of various lengths. These will be exclusive to this site, and to print. 

You’ll have access to associated art, previews of the comic, video clips, livestreams, as well as the usual early updates for Curia Regis. In addition, $6 supporters will receive a PDF copy of all completed short stories, as they come out. Supporter reward tiers have changed as a result, so please do have a look and review what tier you’d like to be at.

I’m also going to add a fixed schedule. Patreon will update two Fridays a month, to begin with. We’ll build from there. The first post will be this Friday with art from the short I’m currently developing – The Witching Hour

Thanks again for your continued support. These changes will result in a better experience for all of you, and get more content into your hands!

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