Hey friends!  I realized last week that I may have finally found the ideal way to create the type of resource I envisioned when beginning Psalter Project - a place where worship leaders can go to find a collection of singable, congregational psalms for contemporary worship.

And from ALL the artists.  Not just me, not just people produced by Psalter Project, but people who've been doing it better and longer than me, like Desert Springs Church, Jason Silver, Sons of Korah, Cardiphonia, and about 50 more artists/churches/collectives I've discovered over the last couple years.

YouTube playlists.  How have I not discovered YouTube before?  All in God's timing, I guess.  But still!

So check out the link above - right now it has all of four songs...whoop de doo.  But I plan to add to it every week, and I'm sure it will grow quickly.

If some of you are wondering - "hey, what about that music of yours you said you'd be recording last week?" Well, I've decided to put it off till the spring.  Several different things came up at once and made me realize I just don't have the time/energy.  Still very excited about that project, but I've already started about 8 new things this fall (Song exchanges, concerts, leading music at a little Saturday night church plant, leading music at the Forestgate young adult group, etc.) - so this one will have to wait.

In the meantime I will be adding music that I love to this new playlist!