New Pledge Levels and More, Oh My!
Take a look to the right folks, as there have been some changes made to the pledge levels.

Since there will no longer be a public release for videos, some changes needed to be made in how the content will get released from now on. After all, as has been mentioned, I'm aiming to make this a career, and once the 'Let's Make Miniatures' goal gets unlocked, that's when you'll start seeing some amazing things. I've had a world rolling around in my head for about 20 years that is fully fleshed out and developed, along with a basis for a game.

Only with the help of my Patrons will any of this be realized.

By making these changes, I'm hoping to encourage everyone to sign up at the level which appeals most to them, and provides the amount of content they wish to see every month. The higher the pledge, the more video and streaming content you get.

Once September rolls around, these changes will be in full effect. The physical rewards have had their own pledge level added, and the True Fan tier has seen the most changes. But, it is also the tier where you will get access to the most video content.

I will be live streaming on a weekly basis starting in September, and the only way to have access to them is to be pledging at the True Fan tier.

'At the Painting Desk' has remained on the $5 level, but for those who are wishing for deeper insight to my process, and wish to interact more frequently should pledge at the True Fan level.

Thanks so much for your support every month folks! I love you all!