New Pledge Goal
We hit our first two pledge goals in less than 2 days!

We have now exceeded $150/month.

That's incredible! A big thank you to everyone who has already pledged their support for the podcast.

We would now like to take this opportunity to announce the next monthly pledge goal. If we reach $200 a month in pledges, all patrons pledging at the $3/month "Ace Pilot" and $4/month "Squad Leader" tiers will receive additional rewards beyond the set of exclusive Radio TCX pre-painted, mirrored acrylic target locks.

These rewards will be available exclusively to patrons who maintain their pledge support month-to-month at the $3 and $4 tiers.


1 month of support - Acrylic Radio TCX target locks

3 months of support - ???

6 months of support - ???

Expect an announcement regarding the 3 month reward in September!

Thank you,

- Tim & Carson