New Pod ! The Self-Help Industry and Tax Evasion

And we're back !

On a Monday, so right on time too ! Boum.

That's because of the bullet journal and vision-boarding techniques Marine has been using in addressing the (maybe) issue that is the Self-Help industry. Her song is called: SUCCESS !!

I don't have them right now, but I'll post her links soon. -ish.

Same for her lyrics.

I did the tricky issue again, it's Tax Evasion ! Complete with the origins story of the system that 'broke the world'. With a lot of info from the guardian long read on the matter:  

The real Goldfinger: the London banker who broke the world 

My song's called Hey Taxman! Don't Touch My Money

And as I'm on a roll, I'll just leave you with the lyrics here: 


Don’t touch my money

Don’t touch my cash

Don’t touch my money, hey!

Keep your hands off ‘f my private stash

The money’s got to flow and travel to and fro and make more money 

Get a load of bonds and make’em go dutch on the tax

Luxem-boogie it all through italian Autostrade and hey !

Hey ya taxman don’t you hear me say

Don’t touch my money 

Don’t touch my cash

Taxman Don’t touch my money

It got hid in a euro flash 

Siegmund Warburg and Scott Ian Fraser are to fly for your rules

Bretton woods can stuff it and so can your goverment’s tax

Oh you want some of my interest for your state send me a fax

Lol like i care my interest - is in keepin it a max

Hey ya taxman don’t you hear me say 

Don’t touch my money  

Nowadays it’s far more easy

Hide your dollars don’t feel queezy

Guilt don’t touch you when you see

Sunny trees in the bahamas

Fly to Greece and have some hummous

Don’t sweat about poor farmers

Sure they [dyin but] no point bein’

Downbeat in the Caribbean

Private jets and yachts I’m seein’

What about the poor do say

They have so much less and you want more hey

Shut up don’t you kill my mojo

Wrap my cash up on the down low

In fun funds in Caraçao

Super rich makes for good livin’

Super bucks and no fucks given’

(It’s) all you can eat buffet season

UBS under your mattress

Look what’s this some trusts in Cyprus

(It’s) off to Nevis with your misses

Secrecy is Nice and prettier

When your skiing in Verbier

Doesn’t get too much fancier

Good you can’t see kids malnourished

Or hospitals so underfunded

When you’re dining at the Ritz

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